Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription Lenses

Yes, you may drop by to the branch that you purchased from and we'll do the replacement. It might take up to 10 working days, unless mentioned otherwise.

*For prescription by doctors/customers, there is a charge for the replacement. 

Do consult our optometrist to assess your lenses.

For coating issues, it is covered under warranty. However, we'll check your records for your date of purchase and will let you know if it is still within the warranty period.

For damages/scratches, it is NOT under warranty. 

Progressive lenses usually takes up to 7-10 working days. 

* During this Covid Period, though the chances are low, we are obligated to inform you that there might be cases of unprecedented delays. Rest assure we'll update you accordingly.


Yes, we do. Due to our wide range of frames across our 3 branches, do give us a call first to check on the availability of frames.

We'll have to assess the damage first. In the situation that we are not able to repair and if you want to use the current pair of lens, we'll find the next best frame that is similar in shape and size to it.

If you bought the frame from us, we'll check if it's still under warranty.

Eye Checks

Yes, we do eye tests for children 7 years and older. For children under 7 years, we will advise to get tested in clinics as they may need eyedrops for more accurate readings.

Do consult our friendly optometrists for them to do a thorough eye examination and advise accordingly.