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Pearl’s VisionCare

Pearl’s VisionCare was founded in 2007 by siblings, Koh Hwee Eng and Koh Lian Buck after spinning off from Pearl’s Optical Company. It has 3 retail outlets with 12 young and dedicated staff . The current outlets are at 51 Jalan Sultan, 3rd floor Kovan Heartland Mall and #02-17 Bedok Point respectively.
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Since its inception, Pearl’s VisionCare’s top priority is to serve the customers well with quality primary eye care being the main focus. We pride ourselves for having a young, friendly and dynamic team of optometrists and opticians. The owners themselves are actively engaged in day to day business operations with vast experiences and strength in their area of expertise. We strive only to achieve one purpose which is to serve our customers with pride and provide the best possible vision correction and eye wear that suits their needs. Our inventory is large and is often stocked with the latest trends and fashion in the eye wear industry. Our customers seldom leave our stores without finding what they like on their faces.
For a relatively young company, we have established a reputation as a renowned optical retailer and eye care provider in Singapore, and are often seen by members of the trade as a preferred place to work in terms of staff cohesiveness, career development and knowledge attainment.

Company Directors:

Serene Koh Hwee Eng B.A.,CCLP

heartland mallSerene is the founder and executive director of Pearl’s Visioncare. She graduated from NUS in 1986 with Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Statistics). She went on to obtain her optometry training from Singapore Polytechnic in 1995. She is one of the pioneer batch that graduated from SP in optometry.
Serene manages the HR and financial matters of the company, and keeps an eye for potential business development and expansion. Her other roles include product procurement, both local and overseas, and is in charge of the daily operations of 2 of the company’s branches, Kovan Heartland Mall and Bedok Point.

Koh Lian Buck BSc(Hons) Optom UK

Lian Buck graduated from the University of Bradford with a bachelors degree in optometry and has been in the eye care profession sheartland mallince 1992. He strives to position the company to be a leader in the areas of primary eye care, contact lenses and eye wear trends. While his primary role in the company revolves around clinical eye examination and contact lens prescribing, his other important responsibilities are to provide guidance and leadership to colleagues and peers in motivating each other to provide quality, relevant and ethical services to our patients/customers. Lian Buck is an active speaker at local and overseas conferences and sits on the advisory panel of Johnson & Johnson Visoncare as well as Alcon Vision Care. He is also an associate lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, where he spends once a week teaching at the School of Optometry. He works at the branch in Jalan Sultan.

Combining Clinical Knowledge and Diagnostic Technology

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Besides the strong array of products available, we also have a team of optometrists and opticians passionate in providing professional advice to our customers. Our business model places a strong focus on clinical optometric practice as we believe that primary eye care lies in the hands of qualified optometrists. Making use of state-of-the art equipment, we provide our patient/customer comprehensive eye examination that is close to the standard of eye examination performed in an eye clinic. All our branches provide glaucoma and retinal screening using equipment like the non-contact tonometer and retinal camera. We are proud to have consistently make good and early detection of eye diseases and have referred them to our panel of eye doctors for treatment.

Strong Partnership with Vendors heartland mall

We have a very close relationship with our vendors and work together with them to bring better eye care products and services to our customers. We are part of contact lens giant, Johnson and Johnson Visioncare’s prestigious Platinum Partners program. In this partnership, our customers get to try the latest contact lenses before they are offered to the mass market. The Jalan Sultan branch is a designated “Acuvue Experience Centre”. This is a shop-in-shop concept which is only available in high end retail stores.

Community Outreach
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Our company takes pride in raising public awareness of good eye health in Singapore. We collaborate with contact lenses companies and conduct talks at schools and businesses organisations regularly. One such beneficiary is the Call Centre of American Express, where we conducted talks about contact lens care. This helps to educate their employees on tips to protect their eyes and vision. Our optometrists also collaborated with Johnson and Johnson and Health Promotion Board. Our outreach also includes visiting primary and secondary schools to teach young children simple eye exercises, as well inculcating good reading habits and the importance of good eye health. We were heartland mallinvolved in a eye screening for residents at a community level which was organised by one of the Residential Committees in Changi-Simei Constituency.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Pheartland mallearl’s VisionCare, we strongly believe that no one should be deprived of quality vision care, regardless of their ability to pay. We have a diverse range of products to ensure that we can meet the needs of all. We have an existing alliance with the Health Promotion Board and Essilor Singapore, a renowned international spectacle lens company, to provide free prescriptive lenses and subsidised frames for students in low income families. Furthermore, our optometrists commit time to the community by performing eye examinations for students of Northlight Secondary School and also at events organised by our professional association and welfare organisations.

In 2013, we were acknowledged for our corporate social responsibility by Johnson and Johnson. The Health Promotion Board in 2015 acknowledged our efforts in reaching out to the schools to spread the message on myopia and promote good vision care habits.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Koh Lian Buck at 62944517 or
Ms Serene Koh at 62895298
Email: enquiries@pearlsvisioncare.com
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